Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Your New Kitchen or Bath Is Closer Than You Think

From the moment you visit our showroom, Imperial Kitchen and Bath is guiding you to the completion of your kitchen or bath remodeling project.  It all starts with a consultation with an experienced professional who understands the entire process inside and out.

With the help of blueprints, sketches, and household measurements, we will walk you through a world of options that meet your specific needs and match your tastes.  Choose wood types for cabinets, stones for countertops, flooring, storage and appliance options, and much more. Your unique kitchen design will reflect your preferences, your budget, and your lifestyle.

We’ll then visit your home to confirm the accuracy of the design plans, check the details against the specifications for all appliances, and put our master craftsmen to work on your cabinets and countertop. Imperial Kitchen and Bath can even help you with plumbing and electrical issues, inspections, hardware choices – everything including the kitchen sink!

Our greatest value to you is our range of experience throughout the entire process. Why work with multiple contractors when Imperial Kitchen and Bath has been taking dream Kitchens from concept to completion since 1989.

 Our knowledgeable professionals are with you every step of the process:

  • Consultation
  • Appliance Options
  • Material Options
  • Design
  • Cabinet Manufacturing
  • The Timely Ordering Of All Parts (Sink, Fixtures, Appliances, etc.)
  • Demolition
  • Rough Electrical & Plumbing
  • Inspection
  • Drywall Tape & Texture
  • Painting
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Countertop Installation & Flooring
  • Final Electrical & Plumbing
  • Final Inspection

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Marble Granite Stone Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling


Our Real Testimonails

Since 1989 Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom has been fabricating and installing quality stone products. Our designers will help you in transforming your space into an area that reflects your life and style with the exotic beauty of natural stone and wood.

Highly trained professional staff will work closly with you throughout the entire process to ensure that even the smallest details are not overlooked.

Fully functional state of the art customer showroom avaliable to assist you in deciding what material and color will best complement your project. We have an extensive inventory of stones to choose from in our 15,000 square foot fabrication facility including marble, granite, and manufactured stones.

48 Hour Installation

We have refined our fabrication and installation process to be so efficient that we are offering a 48 hour installation of granite or marble kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops.

Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom offers a wide variety of services for home remodeling, and our Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom will certainly enhance the beauty and value of your home or business. Our team of experienced contractors are licensed, bonded, insured and certified. We are fully qualified to help you whether you need a professional contractor to replace or repair an existing marble or tile or a brand new, Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom .
We understand the need for professional Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom in order to prevent the problems that arise from incorrectly installed marble and tile. Problems like cracking, becoming loose and therefore, a safety hazard and unsightly aesthetics. A professional Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom will stand the test of time in even the most high traffic areas. Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo

Our team of professional contractors works daily with our customers in San Francisco/Bay Area to bring older marble and tile back to their original condition, and provide new home and business construction with Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom . Some of the services we offer include:

Residential Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom And Services Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom is a leading provider in San Francisco/Bay Area for residential Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom and services. We are proud to offer services that will add value, comfort and beauty to our customers homes. Our Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom installations and services are provided for a number of areas and surfaces to include:

Commercial Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom

Our business customers have learned that Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom is becoming an integral part of their construction due to the durability, easy maintenance and clean appearance of marble and tile. For those clients with high traffic areas, we are ready to help you with the best Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom and services that will work best in these environments. Our list of satisfied commercial clients include:

  • Private and Public Schools
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Corporate Office Centers
  • Doctors/Dentist Office/Clinics

Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom works only with high quality tools and materials in the hands of qualified professionals who have been trained in the highest level of the Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom industry standards. Every Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom project or service we provide is planned out for the unique request of our clients. Therefore, we work with you to find the application that will satisfy your needs. We work with a wide variety of marble and tile to include:

  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Glass

Wall treatments both interior and exterior can provide a beautiful addition to any home or business. The Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom team of qualified professionals will help you plan out a design or work with your own unique plan to create fabulous Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom for wall cladding. Our wall cladding services include:

  • Inset Mosaics
  • Wainscotings
  • Custom Chair Rails
  • Stone Cove Base
  • Floor to Ceiling Marble and Tile

These Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom services for wall cladding services designed to last for a lifetime, and provide your family and customers with a beautiful environment. We take immense pride in serving our customers in San Francisco/Bay Area. After all, every Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom customer is a neighbor from an area we live and work in. Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom is proud to announce that our customer base is drawn from customer referrals and that we push ourselves to deliver above the level of expectations of our customers.


Kitchen Remodeling in San Mateo