Kitchen Remodeling

Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom are the ultimate union between function and form, especially in San Francisco/Bay Area, where we need extremely efficient designs that merge seamlessly and functionally to make the most of the given kitchen space. Having a kitchen in it’s best shape is also an invaluable investment to increase property’s value.
Our impeccable taste and our constant search to go beyond the limits in innovations, make our kitchen designs unique solutions perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. If your likes are entertaining guests, cooking or collecting wine, we have designs that fit you lifestyle.

Our approach to design service is comprehensive, from the first consultation, until your dream kitchen is made reality. We will be with you all the way. From the smallest improvement to extensive renovation work, our Imperial Kitchen & Bathroom experts will be there to help you navigate through the sea of infinite possibilities.
Whatever your desire is for your kitchen renovation we will look at all your kitchen and make recomendations to what would work best for the space and what would be best to increase the value and functionality of your kitchen.
Once we have evaluated your space, we can create design ideas for your kitchen remodel. We can create the perfect space for cooking and entertaining your guests. contact us today for a free evaluation and free estimate for your Bay Area kitchen remodel.


  • Complementary Consultation and Initial Design
  • Architectural Services and Blueprints
  • Interior Design (Style, Material Selection, Space Efficiency, Fixtures)
  • Detail-Oriented, High-Quality Construction
  • Comprehensive Warranty